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  • Digital video discussion system YC836

  • Digital video discussion system YC836

  • Digital video discussion system YC836

  • Digital video discussion system YC836

  • Digital video discussion system YC836

Digital video discussion system YC836

Digital video discussion system YC836

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Digital video discussion system YC836

YC836 Video Discussion Conference System


The main unit can match the request no matter for few of representative delegate units in the small conference system, or the big 

conference system including interpreter equipment,hundreds of representative units or wired and wireless language distribution equipments.

The main unit has all the power supply for all of representative units and basic controlled function,and has port which connected with 

kinds of other equipments.Also, it can reach much more functions by adding other equipments and software.


  • LCD display for status information and configuration 

  • Up to connect 240 pcs microphones with extension unit 

  • Operate independently or connect with computer external and use with software simultaneously

  • Support Meeting Mode:Appliedto speak,Limit,FIFO,AUTO

  • 1~9 microphone speaker at the same time 

  • Supports automatic camera tracking

  • Audio signal input interface, internal connects CD player or audio input equipment

  • one group MIC input interface, external connects signal of handhold MIC and wireless MIC three group audio

    signal output interface, internal connects REC or audio equipment

  • installed inside 19inch standard frame


Power Supply:220V~240V -50Hz

Max Power Consumption450W

Frequency response40-16kHz

Total harmonic distortion< 0.1%

Dimensions: 500*400*13(mm)


YC836M Central Controller Unit


Power Supply:AC220V-50HZ

Max Power Consumption:450W

Frequency response:40-16kHz

Iinput /Output:8P-DIN

Input:MIC 6.3mm RCA

Output:XLRM (Balance) RCA

Color:Dark Gray





Video Input 1-8

Video Output 1-2

Rs-232 Connect To Pc





Line Out

Mix Out



Treble Gain

PowerPort 220v-240v-50hz-60hz

Digital video discussion system YC836

Digital video discussion system YC836


  • Microphone on/off button

  • microphone gooseneck can be pull out

  • Power supply for all the delegate units is provided by the main unit at 18 safe voltages.

  • 8-PIN T-type hand-in-hand interconnection cable

  • Annular red indicator lamp could show the state of the microphone

  • Chairman unit number in the system is unrestricted, can join in any position of the system.

  • Chairman can turn down delegate MIC by priority button,

  • only mode: only chairman microphone can be turn on


Frequency response: 50-16kHz


Receiving distanc: 15cm-50cm

Length of gooseneck390mm

Size: 200*120*64(mm)


YC532 HD Conference Video Camera

Digital video discussion system YC836


The camera offers perfect functions,superior performance and rich interfaces.Thefeatures include advanced ISP processing algorithms to 

provide vivid images with a strong,sense of depth,high resolution and fantastic color renditionItsupports H.265/H.264encoding which 

makes motion video fluent and clear even with less than ideal bandwidth conditions.


●  Superb High-definition Image:It employs 1/2.8 inch high quality CMOS sensor.Resolution is up to 1920x1080 with frame 

    rate up to 60fps.

●  Various Optical Zoom Lens: It has5X/10X/12x/20Xoptical zoom lens for options.Leading fast Auto Focus Technology

●  Low Noise and High SNR

●  Advanced 2D/3D noisereduction technology

●  Quiet PTZ: By adopting high accuracy step driving motor mechanism,it works extremely quiet and moves smoothly and 

    veryquickly to designate position.

●  Multi-Format Video Outputs:support HDMI3G-SDIUSBwired LAN and wireless LAN interfaces.

●  IR interference and 2.4Gwirelessremote Controls

●  Low-power Sleep Function

● Support VISCA,PELCO-DPELCO-Pprotocols

●  Support RS-232 cascade function whichis convenient forinstalling.Up to 255 presets(10 presets byremoter).

Digital video discussion system YC836


Professional Conference Mixer Console


The pro mixina console is key to a professional audio system.Using pre amplifier as the main part, it can receive multi-

channel audio signals of different impedances and levels and can equalizemixdistribute these sianals.As lona as

you achieve the best SNRand timbre through adjustmentthe pro mixing console will complete efficient and quality transmission of audio signals.


YM80: 4 channels Mono and 4 channels Mic input2channel stereo input

YM120:8 channels Mono and 8 channels Micinput2channel stereo input

YM160: 12channel Mono and 12 channels Micinput2 channel stereo input

High-performance Microphone Pre amplifiers with Switchable Phantom Pow

3-band Channel EQand High-pass Filters

Built-in Channel Compressors

Smooth 60-millimeter Faders &Illuminated Channel ON Switches

Bright Meters for Visual Level Monitoring

Digital video discussion system YC836


Digital video discussion system YC836

Digital video discussion system YC836

Professional Conference Amplifier


The pro amplifier has a built-in efficient transformer and hiah capacity filter power supply.This helps ensure

lower distortion, greater low frequency control force and clearer voice when the amplifier outputs at full load. 

The pro amplifier offers three output modes,including stereo,mono and bridge output.The use of time delay relay

circuit allows soft startwhich helps protect the speaker against electric shock during POWER ON or OFF.The pro 

amplifier is widely used on many occasions for speech transmission and sound reinforcement.


●  High strength structural frame chassis,with symmetrical structurequick assembly

●  High energy linear power supply,high efficiency transformer

●  Modular structure,high resolutionclear and delicate

●  Balanced,unbalanced input

●  Stereo, mono,bridging three output modes

●  High sensitivity of safety protection circuit

●  Power supply, protection,signalclippingLED working status indication

●  Peak amplitude,power limit of soft starting system.With character of soft start circuit machine relay delay, ruby

protecting speaker free

●  Double Speaker and loudspeaker wiring column output

●  High efficiency dual fan cooling channel


Digital video discussion system YC836

Digital video discussion system YC836

Digital video discussion system YC836

Digital video discussion system YC836

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Digital video discussion system YC836

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Digital video discussion system YC836

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Digital video discussion system YC836

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